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DNZ Pictures - Stories worth telling

DNZ pictures was grounded by the visionary actor David Nzinga and the extraordinary director Sebastian Lagerkvist with the goal to bring new stories and talents to the big screen. The production company is based in Stockholm but have experience of working all over the world. DNZ pictures has earn a good reputation due to their work with diversity, representation and their professionalism. DNZ pictures produces feature films, short films, commercial , music videos e.c.t. 

For more informations about our services and work please contact us on the button down below.

DNZ Talents - Talent knows no ethnicity

DNZtalents is the grass-root level project, that are in line with DNZpictures primary objective. Which is to pave the way for young talents and bring new stories to the screen.

We have worked with a lot of young talented and gifted actors and crew members, that we also are representing.

If you are looking for new actors or crew members , please contact us for more information.


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